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I think they have eased some of those restrictions. When we purchased "Fish" it's intended use was for circulation to other libraries to use for staff training. I made that intention very clear to the company before we bought it and they had no problem with it.

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When I initially inquired about the "Fish" video, I was told that it was
not for intended for a Circulation Library, but for an "end user". I think
they've stepped away from that attitude now, but I previously was not left
under the impression that my copy was "allowed" to be circulated.

Just my 2.0375 cents adjusted for inflation, taxes, and cost of living.

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>this out:
> > PS I just looked it up on the Web and had the price wrong--it's
> > actually $690 on VHS ($790 on DVD), for a 17 minute program!
>And I thought that libraries were only allowed to purchase the video for
>"internal use only" and NOT for circulation.
>Circulation by libraries would not be in the copyright holders' economic
>interest, would it?
>They're used to making the big $$$ off of "Fish".
>Rick Faaberg
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