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Tue, 21 Oct 2003 17:08:58 -0400

I'd like to see numbers reported on this as well. We have about 300 DVD
titles and they go out about 200 times a year. After two years we have
about 30 damaged. Contrast to a collection of 14,500 tapes and 33,000
circulations and about 8 damaged a year. This is a k-12 video library
which may contribute to the damage problem and be different from a
public library. Based on anecdotal evidence from others, this "feels"
like a problem to me too.

Mark Richie

Putman, Clyde wrote:

>Mike Tribby said that DVD's tend to get fewer circulations before they
>are damaged than does VHS. Has anybody done any research on this? It
>sure FEELS that way to me, but I don't have any numbers.
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