[Videolib] countertop opener for VHS

James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Tue, 07 Oct 2003 20:23:54 -0400

Hi all, Well, video isn't dead yet and my staff is wondering how to
prevent carpel tunnel syndrome from opening videos (ok, it's taken 15 years
of opening videos for them to get sore wrists!!). There used to be a
product on the market that served as a wedge to open normal video cases
(metal, shaped like an ironing board, about 6.5" long, 1.5" wide, double
faced tape allowed mounting on countertop). I can't find a vendor for this
product and have called Specialty Store Video and the Video Store
Shopper. I'm currently looking in the Demco and Gaylord catalogs as
well. Multi-Video, Inc. used to handle them but I don't think they even
exist any longer. Any vendors where I can get such a beast? We used them
in Elkhart, IN and they worked great. what's your experience? thanks for
any information. Jim Scholtz.

James C. Scholtz, Director
Yankton Community Library
515 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078

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