[Videolib] films/journal articles in French about theatre

Danette Pachtner (danette_pachtner@notes.duke.edu)
Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:56:57 -0400

Dear Colleagues,
A professor of ours is planning a French language course built around the
idea of theatre depicted in film. He's looking for French language film
adaptations of plays, plays included in the plots of films, etc.
Similarly, he'd like to find journal articles (in French) that explore the
theatre/film relationship. I've just begun to explore our various
databases, but I was hoping ideas/recommendations might jump out at you.
Brainstorming, anyone?
Thanks for the collaboration,
Danette Pachtner
Duke University / Lilly Library
Film & Video Librarian
Phone: 919-660-5886

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