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If it's Cubs vs. BoSox, I don't know if we should go re-activating old
players. Someone might bring Buckner back...and then both teams would
argue over who (has to) take him. Now, don't get me wrong--I actually
always loved Billy Buck--it's just that I don't want to hear that "between
the legs" fiasco relived AGAIN.

Susan ... who's insanely jealous, Jessica.

At 05:57 PM 10/6/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>If there's any baseball gods watching, the Series should be the BoSox
>against Chicago, Chicago winning the 7th game, at Chicago(I know, AL has
>home field), Ernie reactivated to pinch hit in the 9th, grand slam wins! ;>
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>Got back Sunday afternoon from two games in Chicago and leave
>tomorrow morning to GO BACK and AFTER THAT I am going to MIAMI
>on FRIDAY to see the series there. I sure hope no one needed any
>rush orders this week

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