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I can't say we have had that problem with videos, but with cds. We place
the barcode right on the insert. If the insert isn't back, the item can't
be checked in, and the material is given back to the patron as unreturned.
If the insert is lost, we charge them $1.25 - $1 for the insert, and 25
cents for the barcode. We end up making a generic cover with a new barcode
for the cd.

On our videos, the barcode is on the actual case. We make generic covers on
a word processing template for A&E, History Channel titles, or any other
title that comes in a blank case. I guess if someone stole a color sleeve
from a video case, we would charge something for it, probably $1, and then
have to make a new cover. I don't know if this helps or not.

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Subject: [Videolib] theft of the video's artwork

We place videos in their original cardboard "sleeves" inside the clear
plastic "bottom load" boxes.

Do any of you have the problem of patrons returning the video (including the
box) but keeping the original sleeve with its graphics/artwork?

What are your policies in regards to charging the patrons for the stolen
library property (which the sleeve is)?

Thanks for your input.

Ronnie Smith, Head of Technical Services
Madison County Library System
Canton, MS

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