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Dear Pat,

I do not know if there ever was a video copy of this film but it has
been distributed in Europe by DAVIS FILM which still seems to exists
though no longer in the distribution business:
Davis Films
116 bis, avenue des Champs-ElysÚes
75008 Paris
Tel.: 00 331 56 59 23 20
Fax.: 00 331 56 59 23 10

Here is some information on this film:
TRISTAN ET YSEULT - a film made in 1972 by Yvan Lagrange, released in
1974 using a 1971 rehearsal audio tape of 'Wurdah ¤tah' and '▄nd´a'.
This is not the same music as released on the 1974 record. (See Ork
Alarm! #10 for more information)
This was Lagrange's tenth film, but it was his first commercial release.
One reviewer said it was an experience ideally suited to insomniacs!
Lagrange not only produced the film and wrote the script, but he also
played the part of Tristan himself. Iseult was played by Claire
Wauthion. The costumes were made by Gilles Duche and the helmets were
made by Jacquet and Lagenie. It was a Pierre Cardin cinescope
presentation in Eastmancolor, and the cine film was distributed in
Europe by Davis Films (Paris). Because some of you may have been a
little curious about the movie for the last eighteen years, this is the
official press release:

A "cinematic opera" on the universal themes of fate, love, madness,
death and eternity. Tristan struggles in the cold and icebergs, to win
Iseult's love, and death strikes for the first time. They escape
together through the forest. For a long time, they are pursued by men
who want to separate them. Then Tristan goes alone into the hottest
deserts where he lives like an animal and encounters "madness ". And
Iseult saves him from a second death. One day the men of the desert on
their camels and all the horsemen meet on an endless beach. They go to
war again and fight so bitterly that the sea is filled with their bowels
and their hearts. Iseult wanders a long time amid the bodies and the
blood and once again she finds Tristan. They lie down in the entrails of
a skinned bull and go to sleep. The sea carries away their bodies and
turns into an ocean of roses

>From this website: "There are no official video releases of these at the
moment but a movie distributor has recently obtained a copy of TRISTAN

Pat Turnage schrieb:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to find out if this short film by Yvan Lagrange has ever been
> released on video. I'm not finding any signs of it in the usual places.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
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