[Videolib] DVD care bookmark

Ellen Reynolds (ereynolds@pls-net.org)
Fri, 3 Oct 2003 08:56:00 -0400

I didn't do a bookmark, but a label that we put on all the DVD cases gives
care instructions. This is the text:

Borrowers in 12 other libraries will use this DVD over the next 3 years
DVDs require careful handling
Mis-handling can damage the disc and distort parts of the movie
In order to keep this DVD is good viewing condition, please:
Touch only the inside edge or outside edge
Donít touch either flat surface (top and bottom)
Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures
Avoid allowing anything to touch the top and bottom surfaces that might
scratch or damage the surface
If the disc is cold, wait for it to reach room temperature before putting it
in the DVD player
Report any damage
Other viewers will appreciate the care you take

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Pioneer Library System
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