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Wed, 1 Oct 2003 14:20:01 EDT


Filmakers Library has a few documentaries that might fill the bill.

Soop on Wheels is written, directed and co-produced by Sandra Greer.

Portrait of a Blackfoot, confined to a wheel chair by muscular dystrophy,
who is a recognized journalist and political cartoonist

The following are co-produced by women:

Honorable Nations.Co-produced by Chana Gazit about the Seneca's land rights
in western New York State.

The Right to Be (Harriett Skye is a Lakota who graduated NYU film school at
61!) Harriett returns to the Standing Rock reservation in south Dakota to make
a film that will truly represent her people.

Information on these may be found on our web site,

Linda Gottesman
Filmakers Library
124 East 40th Street
New york, NY 10016
1 800 555 9815

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