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It is interesting to note that Midwest Tapes now carries both the unrated
and 'R' rated versions according to their website.

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Hi, All,

I just wanted to pass along something that happened to me recently. I order
all the adult films (that phrase always makes me smile) and put in an order
for Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN with Midwest Video. I like to screen films before I
put them on the shelf so I know what I'm talking about but I didn't get to
the first chapter of this DVD because I saw a disclaimer saying that it had
been modified from original theatrical content. I jumped up from the couch
and grabbed the dvd case and sure enough on the bottom of it there was a
disclaimer saying the same thing.

I like to see films as close to what the director wanted me to see and feel
the integrity of a film should be protected as much as possible. When I
ordered this film there was nothing that let me know I was getting a
censored version. I called Midwest and they were unaware they had two
versions of this film. Has anyone else run across this?

And what's the big deal about this movie that it has to have 2 versions?
Guess I'll have to wait until the *real* film comes in and keep the censored
version on hand in case I get complaints.....

Gena Z.

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