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Interesting that they'd be unaware that there are 2 video versions. I've seen more than one video review that mentioned the fact. But anyway, here's the review out of VL--

Y Tu Mama Tambien ***
MGM, 105 min., R or unrated versions available, in Spanish w/English subtitles, VHS: $47.99, DVD: $26.98, Oct. 22
A teenage road trip flick that Hollywood wouldn't have dared to make, this Mexican import does have a) its fart jokes and b) two best-buddy teenagers (Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna) who are carefree stoners with sex on the brain 24/7. But can you blame them? They've dumb-lucked into escorting a gorgeous, mysteriously melancholy Spanish woman (Maribel Verdú), who is ten years their senior, on a summer pilgrimage to a remote beach. But this movie isn't MTV's Spring Break put to celluloid, aiming for the lowest common IQ; rather it's a coming of age movie with a soul and something insightful to say. Like his characters, writer-director Alfonso Cuarón (who made A Little Princess and Great Expectations in Hollywood) takes the road less traveled here, touching on issues of faith, fidelity, free expression, and self-discovery, as the wayfaring trio journeys through the rough, parched countryside, testing their evolving states of friendship and more along the way. Available in an "R" rated o
r unrated version (for its nudity and explicit sexual content), this is definitely recommended for more adventurous collections. [Note: DVD extras include audio commentary with cast members Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Andres Almeida (in Spanish without subtitles, unfortunately--though all of the other extras do include subtitles); a 21-minute, highly entertaining and somewhat satirical making-of featurette; three deleted scenes; and writer Carlos Cuaron's droll and racy 10-minute short Me La Debes (You Owe Me One). Bottom line: a solid extras package for a sleeper hit.] (R. Blackwelder)

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