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Pat Shufeldt (
Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:16:43 -0400

A year or two ago when re-evaluating processing practices, the Greenville (SC)
County Library System decided to not use overlays on CD audiobooks. There were
seldom had problems with these items disappearing, and it just didn't warrant
the expense.

The library had ceased using overlays on music CD's for probably 5-7 years
during a time when the primary collection in the Main Library was under fairly
close visual control by staff. Same for DVD's when that collection began four
years ago. With the move to a new Main Library last year, where the size and
location of the AV department did not lend themselves to similar visual control,
new CD's (except audiobooks) and DVD's received 3M overlays. Some branches also
found it necessary to shelve their smaller collections on a cart behind the
circulation desk, which could be pulled out for users to browse; but the cases &
discs were never separated. Personally, I've never had a problem playing DVD's
with overlays on my 4-year-old Toshiba DVD player.

Pat Shufeldt

"Markus, Tim" wrote:

> We've used the overlays for several years now on all our 4 3/4 inch discs
> with very few problems. One big issue with them is the cost--over $1 each
> for a recent order. It gets pretty pricey when you use them on unabridged
> "books-on-tape" titles with 15 discs per title. There is also the question
> of what to use on those few double-sided DVDs we have. We've used the
> "donut" style labels that go around the hub but they don't always set off
> our security gate.
> Tim
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