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We've had a problem at some of our branches with theft of CDs, CD-ROMs and
DVDs. We're near the end of a pilot program at one branch in which we removed
the discs, placed them in a CD notebook behind the circ desk and put the
empty cases out on the shelves. When the patron selects an item they bring
the case to the circ desk where the disc in put into the case and checked out
to the patron. Our loss rate for items not connected to a patron record for
the term of the pilot is 0. We still get folks who don't understand
the "borrowing" concept. They check out and keep the items. Sure it takes a
little more staff time, but after getting dinged for 30+ rock CDs in less
than 2 weeks it's worth the minmal effort, doesn't take up much space and is
less costly than security cases and anti-theft tags. Let's face it, if
someone is determined to steal your stuff, they will find a way regardless of
the boxes, tags or security cameras. We found the best solution is to put the
discs behind the desk. It works for video and CD stores.
PS. Seattle Public does the same thing at some of their branches.

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 09:10:41 -0400, Herbert, Rue wrote
> I know this topic has been discussed to a certain degree recently,
> but I have a specific inquiry I don't think has yet been addressed.
> We are in the process of evaluating the current security we use on
> our DVDs. They are shelved in open stacks using a type of plastic
> security case. These cases have not provided the security we had
> hoped. Once the case has been opened several times, it seems to
> become quite easy to just pull the sides and pop it open. So, we
> are looking at the 3-M type stripped overlays to use on the actual
> discs. We use them on our compact discs and cd roms with no
> problems cited.
> I would appreciate any comments anyone has regarding using these on
> DVDs. Our initial "tests" seem successful, and I realize they
> cannot be used for 2-sided DVDs, but we have a minimal number of
> those. It will be quite an investment to strip the entire existing
> collection, so I'm trying to cover all the possible bases.
> Thanks for any input provided.
> Rue
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