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>Note: I don't work for any library. I joined this list a few weeks ago,
>largely because of the same question: my personal collection exceeds 700
>DVDs and tapes), and I needed some mass storage, but nicely displayed,
>solution. After searching around for a week or so, I finally ended up with
>the melamine shelving from [1]:

Following up: for many many moons, I've been searching for a new movie shelving system for my extensive collection of horror movies (now exceeding 600 DVDs and tapes). My current scheme, using cheap-ass Wal-mart bookcases with movies stacked horizontally and not vertically (i.e. "spine up"), was simply becoming far too cumbersome from an organizational standpoint, and I needed something new, fast.

I finally felt I had found "the one"
over at (product #20922):

It was wood not wireframe, perfectly sized for DVDs or tapes, affordable even with prohibitive shipping costs, and was large enough to not get filled within a few months. I ordered one (actually, a product not yet on their site, but very similar to #20922), received and built it last Friday, and came to a happy conclusion early Saturday morning. Thus, I emailed this customer testimony:

Media Cases,

No one person should get as excited as I when I knew my new Media Cases
movie shelves was coming on Friday, but a'twitter I was, counting down
the minutes until I could get home and begin assembling. So anxious was
I to see if it was the shelving system of my dreams, I forgot to have
supper. I didn't notice until I was voraciously scarfing down breakfast
the next morning.

Four hours into assembly, with my blistered baby-soft hands suffering
from the insanity of screwing everything manually (power tools be damn'd!),
I begin putting the pieces together one by one. This was my first
happiness: the unit is easily disassembled, and thus, easily movable.

10 minutes later, the behemoth was placed into position, and I reeled:
this certainly was shaping up to be the shelving scheme I had always
wanted, and I started transitioning DVDs over: 81 DVDs per shelf,
or roughly 720 DVD capacity, spine up. Excellent!

Yes, perfect shelving system it was, and I've plans to buy at least one
more within a few months. This is excellent stuff, and I've very happy
with it.

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