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I don't know your particular relationship with your vendors, but it is my
contention that you should have never paid a preview fee to begin with.
Some vendors require a more aggressive approach, but in the end, THEY NEED

Compile a list of vendors for which you have paid a preview fee in the
past, and notify all of them that in the future, you will no longer pay a
preview fee and put something in that notice demanding a response. Those
who respond in your favor then become your selected vendors and those who
refuse...won't be sending you a Christmas card.

At 03:44 PM 9/18/03, you wrote:
>How do other academic libraries handle video previewing when the
>vendor/producer charges five percent of the cost of the video just to
>preview? Is this charged to the requestor's department budget or does the
>library have to absorb it? (I searched the Video archives and did not find
>anything about policy of previewing "on approval" videos.) Do you have a
>policy that covers this?
>Last year we ordered a title that was unsatisfactory according to our
>faculty. She said the contents were not as described in their brochure and
>that the said title was of no value to her for her classes. When we told
>the producer this, they not only made no concession but are still asking
>us to pay 5% to preview any of their other titles. Yes, we would have to
>issue a purchase order and would have 30 days to return it them and pay
>the 5% of the cost of the title(s). These are not cheap titles, they range
>in price from $170 to 250.
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