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Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:01:58 -0700 (PDT)


Golly, my response here (to the distributor, at least) would be, "okay, I
guess we don't need to buy videos from you ever again." If they can't
stand by their product firmly enough to offer a free preview (I'm speaking
here of the relatively small distributors who tend to sell the high-priced
documentary material), I have to wonder if their material is worth the
time and effort involved in a preview anyway. There are plenty of other
top-notch distributors out there who offer outstanding, albeit expensive,
videos and who are very understanding about our shrinking budgets and need
to be sure we're not wasting our money--and DON'T try to caplitalize on
this situation by making a fast buck for a preview! Just my two cents,

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On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Williams, Pauline wrote:

> How do other academic libraries handle video previewing when the vendor/producer charges five percent of the cost of the video just to preview? Is this charged to the requestor's department budget or does the library have to absorb it? (I searched the Video archives and did not find anything about policy of previewing "on approval" videos.) Do you have a policy that covers this?
> Last year we ordered a title that was unsatisfactory according to our faculty. She said the contents were not as described in their brochure and that the said title was of no value to her for her classes. When we told the producer this, they not only made no concession but are still asking us to pay 5% to preview any of their other titles. Yes, we would have to issue a purchase order and would have 30 days to return it them and pay the 5% of the cost of the title(s). These are not cheap titles, they range in price from $170 to 250.
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