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We pay the preview charge and do not ask individual departments or faculty
to pay it - unless the faculty member insists that they want to preview
several titles and the fee mounts up to more than $100. Then I ask the
department chair if s/he is willing to cover the preview charge. When we let
the faculty members know that there will be a charge for each title they
request from said company and that if any of the titles requested are not
purchased the preview fee becomes lost money, they will usually limit the
number of titles they want. I would rather pay the 5% fee and return the
tape than to have to purchase titles without preview priviliges, and be
stuck with $50-$100 titles that faculty won't use and we can't return (or
can return for a 10%-25% restocking fee).
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Subject: [Videolib] Previewing videos "on approval" charges/fee policy

> How do other academic libraries handle video previewing when the
vendor/producer charges five percent of the cost of the video just to
preview? Is this charged to the requestor's department budget or does the
library have to absorb it? (I searched the Video archives and did not find
anything about policy of previewing "on approval" videos.) Do you have a
policy that covers this?
> Last year we ordered a title that was unsatisfactory according to our
faculty. She said the contents were not as described in their brochure and
that the said title was of no value to her for her classes. When we told the
producer this, they not only made no concession but are still asking us to
pay 5% to preview any of their other titles. Yes, we would have to issue a
purchase order and would have 30 days to return it them and pay the 5% of
the cost of the title(s). These are not cheap titles, they range in price
from $170 to 250.
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