[Videolib] A&E in libraries

Mike Tribby (mike.tribby@quality-books.com)
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:15:59 -0500

Dear CW;

In recent weeks our crack team of sales professionals have told us that
libraries are no longer eager to purchase A&E videos. They attribute this
to the lack of color covers. Apparently their contention is that generic
covers inhibit sales regardless of content. This seems strange to me because
when I peruse local public library collections, as I often do, I see lots of
A&E videos, though sadly not all of them were purchased from QBI. Is our
sales staff's shared perception correct? How do video librarians (not just
in the public libraries) feel about this? Strangely (to me anyway) we sell
an awful lot of Showtime "family" selections, which seem to me to resemble
live-action Disney product without the gritty reality the Mouseketeer crowd
usually provides.

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.
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