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Fernando Birri's 'Los inundados'
Available for the first time in the United States
Editor's Note: Impressed by the power of post-WWII neo-realist Italian
Cinema, in the mid-1950s filmmaker Fernando Birri embarked on a project
to document the daily life of a small, impoverished town in his native
Argentina. The result of that project was the ground-breaking
film ‘Tire Die,’ which revealed the hardships and humanity of Latin
America’s rural poor. As film critic B. Ruby Rich has written, ‘Tire
Die’ “was the spark that ignited a continent and led to a decade of
revolutionary cinema.” Several years later Birri directed the fictional
film ‘Los inundados,’ which addressed many of the same issues of
underdevelopment, but this time with a warmth and humor that signaled
Birri’s arrival as one of the most important filmmakers of his
era. ‘Los inundados’ was screened at the 1962 Venice Film Festival,
where it was awarded Best First Film. LAVA is pleased to announce that
this indispensable classic is now available for the first time on video
with English subtitles.

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New Release

Directed by Fernando Birri
Feature, 87 minutes, 1961
With English Subtitles

A gently ironic story of the events that befall a peasant family forced
to relocate after a flood. Moved from pillar to post, eventually ending
up in an abandoned railway car, the family becomes a symbol of the
strength of Argentina. Now seen as one of the seminal works of the New
Latin American cinema movement.
Purchase Price: $150.00

Also Available

Directed by Fernando Birri
Documentary, 33 minutes, 1958
With English Subtitles

This seminal documentary by Argentine director Fernando Birri examines
life in the poor Argentine village of Santa Fe. Through candid footage
of these villagers’ daily existence, Birri examines the actual effects
of poverty on people’s lives and explores the way the nearby train
affects the village. The film culminates in a harrowing sequence where
the children of Santa Fe run alongside the train as it passes by,
begging for money from the passengers.
Purchase Price: $99.95

Directed by Pablo Ramazza
Documentary, 28 minutes, 1998
With English Subtitles

Forty years after the filming of the documentary classic 'Tire die' by
Fernando Birri, a film crew returns to the town of Santa Fe in search
of the children who ran alongside the train begging for coins. The
poverty of the region has barely changed, but the trains no longer run
and Santa Fe's residents now search for alternate means of survival.
Purchase Price: $99.95

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