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Hi Guys (and gals), I did lots of investigation and testing of products
before we started out DVD collection. We've only had our collection for
about 1 1/2 years but have had no trouble with the following
products. They do not bubble-off and we've had virtually no problems due
to scratches. However, we have had a significant number of cracking due to
patron's improper removal of media from the case. Currently, we use the
manufacturer's plastic case with a variety of locking hubs but are looking
into a generic case with a round/non-locking hub. (anyone doing this sort
of thing?)
Any way - to the point. We purchase all of our products from Specialty
Store Services. We started using a protective spray on the DVD play side,
but that was messy, worked okay with reapplications every 6-months. We
apply a protective cover (with 2 embedded magnetic security strips) over
the logo top plus a donut around hub displaying ownership/call number
information. We then use a product called d_skins (package of 100
$83). These skins just "snap" on - removal is difficult for patrons but if
the product becomes scratched, the skin can be removed and another put in
it's place. They work great for our purposes. Haven't had any complaints
about unreadaable discs from patrons; however we have had 1-5 skins
disappear upon return. Sorry, two skins cannot be attached to one disc so
they can't be used for double-sided discs. We still use the spray for
double-sided discs (Quick Shield). *****However, the d-skins for DVDs are
currently discontinued. A new product for DVD manufactured by d_skins will
be out in January 2004 because of complaints about DVD lenses/imperfect
laser readings, etc. So far, we've not had a problem with unreadable discs
and we have many Disney titles. Looks like we'll have to find a substitute
as well until the new product arrives. Jim S.

We are thinking about puAt 03:01 PM 9/15/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Do any of you use clear disc covers to protect your DVDs or CDs from
>damage -- i.e those thin, clear plastic films that adhere directly to the
>disc? I thought they were available only for the top (label) side of the
>disc, which is the most vulnerable to scratches, but I've just seen a
>data-side protector (go to & enter "Protect-O-Disc DVD
>Protector" to see it). I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who uses
>either top or bottom-side protectors and what your experiences are with
>them -- reliability, problems playing on equipment, cost-benefit, etc. Thanks.
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