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We tried using a similar product, DVDFender, after having some of our
discs become unplayably scratched after only a handful of checkouts.
Unfortunately, the application process is extremely UNreliable - the
labels would bubble and peel off, leaving the discs unreadable (odd
fact: not ONE Disney release would accept a protective label without
becoming unreadable; I actually called their offices, spoke with someone
frmo the video department, and was simply told "we don't recommend you
use such products..." but I digress).

Bottom line: The handful of discs we actually saved because of the
protectors did _not_ outweigh the headaches with simply trying to get
them on the disc, and the large percentage of them which just ended up
getting thrown away.

If someone has had better luck with a different brand or such
protectors, I'd love to hear about it :)

Benjamin D. Sprague
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Do any of you use clear disc covers to protect your DVDs or CDs from
-- i.e those thin, clear plastic films that adhere directly to the disc?
thought they were available only for the top (label) side of the disc,
is the most vulnerable to scratches, but I've just seen a data-side
protector (go to & enter "Protect-O-Disc DVD
to see it). I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who uses either
top or
bottom-side protectors and what your experiences are with them --
reliability, problems playing on equipment, cost-benefit, etc. Thanks.

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