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My favorite is from "Singing in the Rain,' When Lina has given the press
information about her singing and is blackmailing the studio into not
publicizing Kathy Seldon's participation,

R.F. (president of Monumental Pictures.' says something like - "People just
don't treat people that way.'
Lena "PEOPLE!(screeching". 'I'm not PEOPLE.' (then sweetly) "I'm a
"glorious star in the Hollywood ... It says so, right here. (pointing to
the newspaper.'

I know this isn't exact, but it's the way Jean Hagan delivers the line that
is so funny.


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Ok now that Mark and I have accidentally filled the list with info on
Pittsburgh I can't resist recalling my all time favorite silly dialogue
exchange in the movies.
In SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS, the popular film director John L Sullivan
want's to make a socially significant film about the effects of the
depression called OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? , the studio execs desperately
want him to make another comedy like his previous successes, SAY HEY IN THE
HAYLOFT and ANTS IN YOUR PANTS OF 1939, the following ( not exact) exchange

Exec "It will never play in Pittsburgh
Sullivan " What do they know in Pittsburgh?
Exec " They know what they like in Pittsburgh
Sullivan " If they knew what they liked they wouldn't be in Pittsburgh"

Maybe it is the deadpan way the actors do this but for some unknown reason
this is my all time bit of utterly insignificant but great dialogue.
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