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I have used Ambassador Books and Media for most of my media purchases
for about a year now and been pleased with their service, though I
reserve the right to buy directly from a vendor as needed. They can
be reached at 800-431-8913 or http://www.absbook.com.

Vinta Oviatt, Media Librarian
Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Rd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5005
(714) 432-5885 x21057


At 10:49 AM -0400 9/9/03, notaro@STPT.USF.EDU wrote:
>Dear Colleagues:
> With such an extensive overview of people on this listserv, I was
>if any of you are aware of any One vendor that a media center could use to
>preview and order items from. In a recent move to streamline efficiency, our
>business department has asked the library and media center to attempt to find
>one vendor for all of our orders. This has proven successful with the print
>items but not with our media items. We use a number of vendors and even shop
>around for better pricing. For many years we have used a wide variety of
>vendors and each time I inform the powers that be that the range of
>is too wide to utilize one vendor, I am told to keep looking. Professional
>Media was suggested and called but I have yet to get a phone call back from
>them on this matter. Are there any other vendors out there that specialize in
>this one shop format?
>Any suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated.
>LaRoi Lawton, Asst. prof./Director
>GSL Learning Resources Center
>Library & Learning Resources Dept.
>Bronx Community College
>Bronx, NY 10453

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