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If you go to Pittsburgh, may I suggest for the absolute shear fun of it,
parking at Station Square, dining/partying at one of the finer Station
Square restaurants (or better yet, ride up the Incline Plane and eat at the
Rib place at the top), and taking one of the riverboats over to the

For an idea of what kinds of restaurants and bars:

Us Pirate fans might not have much to cheer about, but we do know how to
party...and Station Square is such a fun place to party!!! Being a Steeler
fan is much easier, especially after putting Baltimore, and the
over-heralded Ray Lewis, in their place. Does Chicago still have a football
team??? ;-) I do remember seeing something in a history book about a
football dynasty there, but that must have been long ago..... I wonder if
my ESPN Video rep might have some archival footage on 16mm....

Have fun,

At 12:48 PM 9/9/03 -0400, you wrote:

>Right now the cost of DVD is largely prohibitive for smaller non fiction &
>educational titles but there are more complicated issues involving feature
>films which are not solved by cost alone though it is a major factor.
>For most non studio titles rights and materials are a major problem. Many
>old contracts did not provide for DVD and must be renegotiated, in the case
>of foreign films in particular this may not be feasible. Kino for instance
>took on the Interama library which initially had about 70 titles, mostly
>French. We DID NOT HAVE dvd rights on any of these films and in my view only
>the higher end titles like SOME of the Renoir's & Pagnol's will ever make it
>to DVD. Not only do you have to go back an get a new contract but you must
>obtain GOOD material as most of what was used for video masters is not
>acceptable for DVD. Kino is something of boutique company so we can often
>break even with as few as 1,000 copies but we can't really stay in business
>if that is what we sell on MOST titles. Packaging and promotion of a title
>for DVD may run as high as production. We have had to pass on a number of
>wonderful films because we simply could not AFFORD to put them out on DVD
>even IF they cost little or nothing for the initial rights ( which they
>usually do).
>As for Studio titles, this will remain similar to VHS in that they will
>not release more obscure titles on DVD because studios need to sell
>huge numbers to make it worth their while. They have backlogs of CRAP
>that will sell 10 times a lesser known classic and while they will
>put out some prestige titles don't hold your breath for anything that
>off beat or interesting.
>( who is going to Pittsburgh AND Chicago on consecutive weekends to
>see the Cubs , not to mention at least 3 more trips for the POST SEASON)
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