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Mike Boedicker (
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Gary et al,
One respondent noted how little nonfiction video circulates in her library
compared to features. We have the same problem here, and many other PL's,
surveys, & vendors have reported this trend also. It's bad enough now, and
I hate to think what it will be like if format does indeed determine

My understanding is that DVD is cheaper to reproduce, but that the initial
mastering costs are quite high. Can anyone shed some light on the costs of

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Thanks, Mike...this is purty darned interesting...

There's a rather depressing implication buried in these statistics, I
think. If libraries let the format rather than the content determine
collection development policies and directions, I despair. Let's face it,
although some distributors of educational/documentary works have
enthusiastically hopped on the DVD bandwagon, many more have not, and may
not for a looooong time to come (or never). A collection of non-fiction
works that veers heavily toward DVD titles will almost certainly bypass
many, if not most, works produced by independent documentary filmmakers--at
least in the short term. Letting format determine the nature of collection
at this particular point in time means building a collection heavily biased
toward home video... Seems to me that it has been an on-going, uphill
battle in most public libraries to build collections that venture beyond
popular movies and mainstream fiction works... I certainly hope that the
advent of a new format doesn't make this battle even more grim...


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