[Videolib] La Societe du spectacle

Eileen Karsten (karsten@hermes.lfc.edu)
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 12:45:07 -0500

Dear C.W.,

Can anybody tell me the status of this film in the U.S.? It was first
released in 1973 by Samar Films in France. I have found a gentleman in
New York that sells the film with English subtitles for $100. But when
trying to find a distributor for the film, I found some sites that
suggested it that it was not legally available in the U.S. There was
quite a bit of accusatory information on the Internet and suspicious
addresses. So, I am a little leery about purchasing the film.

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


Eileen Karsten
Head of Technical Services
Lake Forest College
555 N. Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045

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