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Julie Hill (
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 11:48:40 -0500

Another thought...
My rep from Midwest Tape told me that, starting in September, Midwest
will replace individual discs from boxed sets. So if disc 3 of "The
Sopranos" kicks it, you don't have to replace the entire set. That
should be easier on the pocket book!

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 02:40 PM, Renee Zurn wrote:

> I would like your opinion. I am the Media Librarian for a medium-sized
> public library that just started our DVD collection last fall. We
> currently have about 350 different DVD's, mostly classics and best
> sellers but I have purchased award-winning cable tv shows such as "The
> Sopranos." My thoughts were that many people do not have cable and
> can
> not watch the shows so a library should have them. My VHS collection
> does contain some tv shows, mainly the public television shows such as
> "Keeping up Appearances" and "Red Dwarf."
> In the past week I have received two requests from patrons that I
> purchase older tv shows that are being released on DVD. The requests
> have been for "Bonanza" and "Due South." Both patrons want me to
> purchase all episodes as they get released. DVD's take up less space
> than VHS but my budget has not increased to cover purchasing in two
> formats. I have also had requests that I purchase all the recordings
> available of the current BBC comedies being shown on our local public
> tv
> station, "Are You Being Served" and "Days of Wine and Roses."
> What is your library policy about purchasing tv shows? What do you
> think a public library should carry? Should this be a case by case
> decision -yes to "Bonanza" as classic tv but no to "Due South" as
> non-award winner tv show?
> Renee Zurn
> Media Librarian
> Duluth Public Library
> Duluth MN 55802
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