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Dear Dennis,

there was a similar inquiry at AMIA-L

PLAGUE SUMMER seeems to be an animated film by Chester Kessler made in
1951 adapted from Kenneth Patchen's novel "The journal of Albion

There is one entry in WorldCat for archival material in the Kenneth
Patchen archive. The film is included in this archive combined with
different materials from the production of the film. Here is more
information from WorldCat:

"Chester Kessler papers, MS167, Special Collections, University Library,
University of California, Santa Cruz./ Finding aid/ available in the
library and online.
Contains a storyboard, worksheets, frame drawings, a film and
photographs for an animated film The plague summer, adapted from Kenneth
Patchen's novel The journal of Albion Moonlight, as well as photographs
of Kenneth and Miriam Patchen by Kessler."

Contact information and collection contents in detail via this link:
OAC finding aid

with kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
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> Does anyone out there know the availability of a 17 minute film on DVD
> or 16mm called "Plague Summer" done in the late 60s early 70s? We have
> an inquiry for it...
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