[Videolib] Robin Feinland's inquiry about films in response to 9/11

Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza (mailbox@movingimages.ca)
Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:53:32 -0700

Hello Robin,

I know the project you inquired about, and unfortunately we do not have it

However, we do carry an award-winning film that is a personal response to the
events of September 11th by Canadian filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming. Fleming is a
prolific Canadian filmmaker who works in personal narrative, experimental and
animation genres and has won the Tom Berman Award at the Ann Arbor Film
Festival on two separate occasions for other films.

This particular film is called Heart, and it won the award for Best Canadian
Short at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. (At that time, it was
titled Blue Skies).

If you are interested in previewing the work for purchase evaluation, please
let us know. A description follow below:


Ann Marie Fleming/Dawn Rubin
7:30 min 2002 production format: 35mm Available on VHS

In a world hungry for martyrs or heroes, of global corporate culture, pointless
elections and ceaseless political strife, there is still a way to use history
as a healing force. There is still a personal ability and responsibility to
continue to make artó-art that moves us beyond helplessness; art that can
celebrate the very act of living one more day. This new release from
award-winning filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming is a personal response to the events
of September 11, 2001.

Award: Best Canadian Short Film, Toronto International Film Festival (2002)

Best regards,
Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza
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