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I think Barbara's point about the video stores not handling many TV series, which would give the library a specialized niche market is a good one. Also, the stores who do handle TV series tend to package them in ways that costs the customer a substantial amount of rental money to get through the whole set. That is the way it is here and it is irritating to have to pay separate rent on 5-10 single or double DVD's to get through a season of The Sopranos. I would suggest you check around your local rental stores to see what, if any series they are handling. Then try and fill their gaps with the library's collection. Use a few test cases ( a couple of seasons of Bonanza would certainly be a good one) and see how it goes before you get too deep. Also, as an FYI, I bought the first Due South set because I loved the series, and while the production is OK, the packaging is a real pain--three double sided DVDs with no useful labeling set into to one of those "go ahead and TRY to not snap
the DVD" hubbed cases. No extras. At the very least you will have repackaging issues on that one. I'm sure that problem will come up with other TV series just because of the amount of program crammed into the sets.

Just my humble opinion.
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> I would like your opinion. I am the Media Librarian for a medium-sized
public library that just started our DVD collection last fall. We
currently have about 350 different DVD's, mostly classics and best
sellers but I have purchased award-winning cable tv shows such as "The
Sopranos." My thoughts were that many people do not have cable and can
not watch the shows so a library should have them. My VHS collection
does contain some tv shows, mainly the public television shows such as
"Keeping up Appearances" and "Red Dwarf."

In the past week I have received two requests from patrons that I
purchase older tv shows that are being released on DVD. The requests
have been for "Bonanza" and "Due South." Both patrons want me to
purchase all episodes as they get released. DVD's take up less space
than VHS but my budget has not increased to cover purchasing in two
formats. I have also had requests that I purchase all the recordings
available of the current BBC comedies being shown on our local public tv
station, "Are You Being Served" and "Days of Wine and Roses."

What is your library policy about purchasing tv shows? What do you
think a public library should carry? Should this be a case by case
decision -yes to "Bonanza" as classic tv but no to "Due South" as
non-award winner tv show?

Renee Zurn
Media Librarian
Duluth Public Library
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