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We're going through the same process with about 1,700 CD's. I know that
there will be a period of confusion as we change over from accession numbers
to LC, but the benefit is that the collection will be more accessible as
patrons will be able find materials in the OPAC.

Presently we have a web page with an alphabetical list of titles. I wish we
had gone LC from the outset.


Steven C. Matthew
S.E. Wimberly Library Media Center

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For the past 10 years I have been giving local accession numbers to all
our music cd's. They have been kept behind the circulation counter so
they are not available for browsing. Recently our head of cataloging and
preservation has decided that we should LC all our music cd's (other
media as well). Has anyone done this before? I have about 2,000 cd's to
change. The few libraries that I have checked don't do this.
What's your opinion?
Thanks in advance

Margi Peoples
Copley Library
University of San Diego

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