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We did a change something similar to this about 15 years ago. We changed
the call letters - which were either the main composer or artist, and went
to using the ANSCR system. We had 15000 records, and probably over 2000
cassettes. We had our shelf list to go by. A local school librarian was
hired to do the conversion on the shelf list card - writing down the
category, etc, for each line of the ANSCR system call letters. Then we
slowly took the records from the shelves, sent them to TSD, and the new
labels were put on the bottom left corner on the front of the record. They
were returned to the shelves, generally in the same location they had been.
For a while, it was very confusing. When the records were all done, we took
2 days to take them off the shelves, stack them in their respective
categories, and reshelve them. Also, in this process, we found a few that
were wrong, and would not have been changed unless you had actually seen the
recording. So, as you see, BIG JOB. Make sure that what you do is
something you don't want to change from. 2000 items isn't as big as 15000,
but it's still alot. Hope this helps.

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For the past 10 years I have been giving local accession numbers to all
our music cd's. They have been kept behind the circulation counter so
they are not available for browsing. Recently our head of cataloging and
preservation has decided that we should LC all our music cd's (other
media as well). Has anyone done this before? I have about 2,000 cd's to
change. The few libraries that I have checked don't do this.
What's your opinion?
Thanks in advance

Margi Peoples
Copley Library
University of San Diego

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