[Videolib] Opinions wanted on TV shows on DVD in public libraries

Sarah Andrews (sarah-andrews@uiowa.edu)
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 11:20:01 -0500

I work full time at a research library, and substitute at a public library.
Here is my opinion (not necessarily what my employers do).
At the University of Iowa, television programs are often used in classroom
teaching. They run the gamut--some recent acquisitions:
Strangers With Candy (Comedy Central),
All in the Family
Sopranos Seasons 1-3
Beavis & Butthead (several episodes)
lots of PBS "stuff"
Music videos, especially rap

The University collects feature films rather comprehensively, but rarely
acquires television shows unless there are specific requests.

At the public library I work at, the collection management librarian
prefers to purchase tv shows from "premium" networks like HBO--since many
cable subscribers don't also have HBO. These circulate heavily. She also
purchases many of the PBS series that in multiple parts--the idea being
that people may have missed specific parts. These circulate much less
Based on the types of questions we get at the reference desk, we could use
more PBS/History Channel type stuff. Kids could potentially use them for
school assignments, or perhaps to help them select a subject if they have a
broad topic like "World War II".

Sarah Andrews

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