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At Miami-Dade Public Library, with 36 branches and counting, we have never gotten into the "de-sticking" business. Our county risk management prefers that the patrons use a repair service. If a repair company says that our material damaged the patron's machine, we pay the repair bill. Although we pay several times a year, I don't remember ever paying for removing an item that did not damage the player also.

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>At the Duluth Public Library the patron is responsibility for
>extracting the item.
>So far this has only happened with VHS tapes that get stuck in their
>player. We have had some audio tapes shredded by cassette players but
>the aduio tape is usually removed by the patron. We do not extract the
>tape for them. We don't charge them for damaging the tape or give them
>a time limit to get the tape back to us. We make a note in their record
>so we know why that tape has not yet been returned.
>This policy was established when we first started circulating VHS
>tapes. We still get one or two stuck tapes a year and, so far, not many
>complaints about the policy. I think this policy was similar to our
>policy on library software; we did not assume any responsibility if the
>software damaged their equipment or did not work correct. That this
>risk was the patrons was clearly stated on all our software.
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