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Dear Gail,

we have bought a similar collection on DVD called "Cartoon Crazys goes
to war". Here is the title list from our catalogue:

Bugs Bunny Bond Rally, by Robert Clampett (1942, 1 min.). Daffy, the
commando by I. Freleng, story by Michael Maltese (1943, 7 min.).
Eleventh hour, by Dan Gordon, story by Carl Meyer, William Turner,
produced by Max & Dave Fleischer (1942, 8 min.). Ding dog daddy, by I.
Freleng, story by Ted Pierce (1942, 8 min.). Falling hare, by Robert
Clampett, story by Warren Foster; (1943, 8 min.). Jerky turky, by Tex
Avery, story by Heck Allen (1945, 7 min.). A tale of two kitties, by
Robert Clampett, story by Warren Foster (1943, 6 min.). Jungle drums, by
Dan Gordon, story by Robert Little, Jay Morton, produced by Max and Dave
Fleischer (1943, 8 min.). Fifth column mouse, by Friz Freleng (1943, 7
min.). Foney fables, by I. Freleng, story by Michael Maltese (1942, 8
min.). Scrap happy Daffy, by Frank Tashlin (supervision), story by Don
Christensen (1943, 7 min.). Hell-bent for election by Charles M. Jones,
story by Robert Lee. (1944, 13 min). Snafuperman, by Friz Freleng (1944,
5 min.). Booby traps, by Robert Clampett (1944, 4 min). Spies, by Chuck
Jones (1943, 3 min.). FMPU animation: 1. Maps and diagrams (3 min.). 2.
Art of war.

This collection published in 1998 is still available from Amazon:

A sampler on VHS with a similar title you are searching for ("The
Cartoons Go to War (1996)" is available at Amazon, too:

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

> Gail Fedak schrieb:
> A faculty member brought me her copy of this compilation today asking
> if I could transfer it to DVD because her copy is wearing out. Of
> course the answer is no - Looney Toons, Popeye, Disney. Does anyone
> know if this compilation is available for purchase on DVD anywhere -
> VHS would suffice at this point. We have checked the usual sources and
> have come up almost blank - Facets offers it for rent, not purchase. I
> also found Goopy Geer's Rare Cartoons Page that lists 5 of the 16
> titles. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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