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In general...I GENERAL (since there is always the exception in
the cyber world), you must open the attachment to receive an e-mail borne
virus. Simply viewing the e-mail usually doesn't disturb the attached file
unless you have a default in your e-mail software that automatically opens
attachments...which, IN MY OWN HUMBLE OPINION, would be quite stupid, indeed!

Aside from the current batch of e-mail borne viruses, the recent attacks by
an Internet worm called W32.Blaster.Worm
( )
has many techies on edge. This doesn't come in the form of an e-mail. It is
an attack on Windows XP machines on specific ports left vulnerable without
the latest patch from Microsoft ( )

If any of you have any influence with your techies, suggest that they
install an anti-virus program directly on their e-mail server, so that
e-mail borne viruses are stopped ahead of the individual user's machine.
You should also have a good anti-virus on the individual workstation as
well, since users could easily download something or receive viruses via
on-line e-mail accounts.

I do have to wonder about the idiots who create these annoyances. I wonder
how much money they could be making if they put their skills to work in a
productive manner. Unfortunately, I see them as nothing more that a
technologically adept vandal...I call it cyber graffiti.

At 06:37 PM 8/21/03 +0200, you wrote:

>Dear Jessica,
>it's the internet worm W32/Sobig.f@MM. Our mailbox is a filled up with
>this junk, too. Here is some indepth information about the worm and how
>to remove it.
>with kind regards
>Peter Delin/Videolektorat
>Jessica Rosner schrieb:
> >
> > I NEVER open unknown attachments but I have even heard that it is
> > "possible" to get a virus from just opening an E-Mail. A friend says that
> > some attachments may open themselves if you open the e mail. I would say
> > 99.99% of the time I delete e mails with unknown attachments without even
> > opening e mail but I may open an e mail before deleting it but never the
> > attachment. My office in MAC and non- Windows so we have never gotten a
> > virus anyway but I am curious if anyone knows the answer to this
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