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Internet 2 Info...for those of you who try to follow that dream.

> I2-INFO Digest 29
>Topics covered in this issue include:
> 1) Internet2 Update - August 2003
>***Internet2(R) Update***
> August 2003
><> International Update
><> Middleware Update
><> End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) Update
><> Internet2 K20 Initiative Update
><> New Internet2 Members
><> Future Internet2 Events
><> Internet2 Related Events
><> International Update
>+ International Peering Migration from STAR TAP to StarLight
>Internet2's Abilene backbone network will disconnect its long-standing
>622Mbps ATM connection from the STAR TAP ATM switch facility in Chicago at
>the end of September. Abilene already has in place a 10Gbps connection to
>StarLight - the optical STAR TAP. This move will result in no loss of
>connectivity to networks of Internet2 International Partners since the STAR
>TAP ATM facility continues to be connected to the StarLight facility at
>622Mbps thanks to support from the NSF through April 2004. Most networks are
>migrating their presence to the StarLight facility which will mean higher
>speed connectivity to Abilene. To view the latest Abilene international
>connections map see:
>For information on STAR TAP and StarLight see: http://www.startap.net/
><> Middleware Update
>+ Shibboleth
>Subsequent to release of version 1.0 at the end of June, there has been
>significant interest in using Shibboleth. Two themes have emerged visible to
>the Internet2 community - the need for a better definition of attributes to
>be passed by Shibboleth and the development of federations in addition to
>the national federations Internet2 is planning to operate, including
>university systems federations and state federations. A new release, v. 1.1,
>is expected in early August. http://shibboleth.internet2.edu/
>+ NSF Middleware Initiative
>- Advanced CAMP
>The Advanced CAMP meeting at the beginning of July gave system architects
>from campuses with a maturing middleware infrastructure a chance to join
>their colleagues to engage in discussions in identity management, enterprise
>directories, and authentication. The meeting offered a highly focused,
>highly technical forum for learning and discussion on research in middleware
>technologies, with an emphasis on authorization approaches. Presentations
>and notes of some of the discussions will be available soon at:
>- Second NMI Tested Workshop on Middleware Deployment & Integration
>The second NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) Integration Testbed results
>workshop, "Experiences in Middleware Deployment", will be held on Monday,
>November 3, 2003, preceding the EDUCAUSE annual conference.
>The NMI Integration Testbed sites have been actively involved in middleware
>integration at their institutions and have been focused since June 2002 on
>evaluating the utility and feasibility of this integration into key research
>and education activities. Throughout this process, they have learned much
>about what to do, what not to do, and what to expect when deploying
>Ongoing details for this workshop will be available at:
><> End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) Update
>+ End-to-End (E2E) Case Studies
>A new case study, focusing on a sudden performance loss, has been posted at
>the URL below. The E2Epi team is actively seeking stories about problems
>with applicability to a wide audience. If you have such a story, please
>contact Susan Evett <sevett@internet2.edu> to schedule an interview.
>+ End-to-End Performance Improvement Performance Environment System (E2E
>Members of the E2Epi team met in Ann Arbor for a week-long discussion about
>roles and responsibilities, revised target dates, and changes to the
>architecture and how any changes might affect other projects under
>development. A revised 2-page overview of the E2E piPEs has been posted at:
>+ Campus Network Infrastructure (CNI) Guide
>In an attempt to develop "best practices" for campus network
>infrastructures, the project team is working on three deliverables: 1) a
>"document resource library" of links to previously created documents that
>users may find helpful, 2) a "How To" document, and 3) a policy/procedures
>document. Information on these and other related documents can be found at:
><> Internet2 K20 Initiative Update
>+ Louisiana Named SEGP of the Month
>Everyone talks about rural access to high speed Internet tools as a means to
>drive both educational, and ultimately, enhance economic development in
>areas otherwise out of the mainstream of metropolitan society. Louisiana's
>LEARNET will provide a platform from which the citizens of the Bayou state
>will launch into the global economy. Research will lead the way. For more
>information on this story and Louisiana's SEGP please see the Internet2 K20
><> New Internet2 Members
>+ Corporate Members
> - TippingPoint Technologies, http://www.tippingpoint.com/
><> Future Internet2 Events
>+ Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting
>13-16 October 2003
>Indianapolis, IN
>+ Joint Techs Workshop in Hawaii
>The January 2004 Joint Techs Workshop will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii,
>January 25--January 28th. Details will be announced as they become
><> Internet2 Related Events
>+ 2nd NMI Integration Testbed Results Workshop
>The second NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) Integration Testbed results
>workshop, "Experiences in Middleware Deployment", will be held on Monday,
>November 3, 2003, preceding the EDUCAUSE annual conference in Anaheim, CA.
>The workshop will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PDT on Monday. Though
>the event is located in close proximity to the EDUCAUSE conference, separate
>registration and logistics apply. For more information see:
>+ Online Calendar
>For a complete listing of events for and of interest to the Internet2
>community, see the online Internet2 Calendar. Be sure the Internet2-related
>event you are holding or know about is listed at:
>If you are holding an event of any kind related to Internet2, we will be
>glad to assist members with resources such as printed publications,
>equipment or speakers. Please contact Marianne Smith for more information
>+ NANOG 29
>19-21 October 2003
>Chicago, IL
>+ EDUCAUSE 2003
>4-7 November 2003
>Anaheim, CA
>+ SC2003
>15-21 November 2003
>Phoenix, AZ
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