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One of the organizers, Doris Kornish, started out in WV showing WVLC
films in her community. She has been in the East Village for 20 years,
first with Films Charas, now with the Pioneer Theater. Check out the
incredible street festival going on this week in the East Village -
Steve Fesenmaier PS Doris was a sponsor of my FLOODED OUT FILM FESTIVAL
last fall. Her mother is a WV legislator.


East Village Film Festival
For fifty years, since Jonas Mekas held his first screening at an art
gallery at 7 Avenue A, the East Village has been the cradle of
independent and experimental filmmaking. Jack Smith, Harry Smith,
Kenneth Anger, Shirley Clarke, Robert Downey Sr., Lionel Rogosin and Ron
Rice are some of the visionaries that created an alternative filmmaking
language that would give birth to the burgeoning ‘independent film’ of
today. The HOWL! East Village Film Festival honors this iconoclastic
filmmaking tradition, with retrospectives, tributes, premieres and
special programs in an attempt to insure that this great legacy

Less a traditional film festival than a cinematic celebration, the EV
Film Fest is a unique collaboration of the seven neighborhood theaters,
from the single-screen independents to a multiplex. Each venue is being
programmed autonomously, in consultation with their peers. The only
submission component to the festival is New Filmmakers, an ongoing
program at Anthology Film Archives, which provides a forum for emerging
talent, and is administered by Angelica Entertainment.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003 6:00 PM - Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at most
venues; continuing until Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at the Pioneer

Film Programs
Anthology Film Archives. 32 2nd Ave.
Cinema Classics. 332 E 11th St.
Den of Cin. 44 Ave. A.
DV Dojo. 103 Bowery.x
Loew's Village VII. 66 3rd Ave.
Millennium Film Workshop. 66 E 4th St.
Pioneer Theater. 155 E 3rd St.
Avant-Garde(n). 6 different gardens in the village.

Additional Information
Opening/Closing Nights
Avant Garde(n)
Week Two at the Pioneer

Buy Tickets for Loew's Screenings

Other Featured Premieres

Cinema Classics, 332 E 11th St:
Gotham Fish Tales - Wednesday August 20 through Friday August 22. 8:00
PM Director Robert Maass presents the boisterous stories of New York
City fishermen who are plumbing the city's unexpectedly vital waters to
hook all manner of fish. Beguiling and good humored characters reveal
the wonderful patchwork that makes up New York City's fishery. Featuring
an appearance from the filmmaker.

Pioneer Theater, 155 E 3rd St:
Live from Shiva's Dance Floor - Wednesday August 20 through Tuesday
August 26. 6:00 PM. Director Richard Linklater follows Timothy “Speed”
Levitch as he tours lower Manhattan and Ground Zero, musing upon how we
as a city and a society can mourn yet move forward.

The Morrison Project - Wednesday August 20, and Wednesday August 27.
7:00 PM. Director Amy Williams’ portrait of her father, her family, and
of York City's Lower East Side in the late sixties and seventies.
Featuring an appearance by the filmmaker.

The Technical Writer - Thursday. August 28. 7:00 PM.
Directed by Scott Saunders, The Technical Writer is the story of a
neurotic agoraphobe whose carefully preserved reclusion is shattered by
the arrival of a pair of dazzling, cosmopolitan new neighbors. Saunders'
short Welcome to Willieworld will also show, and Willieworld co-writer
Maggie Dubris will read selections from her poetry.
Millennium Film Workshop, 66 E 4th St:
Jack Smith. - Friday, August 22. 8pm. Jack Smith was a legendary
filmmaker, performance artist, actor and underground personality. He has
had a profound influence on film, theatre and performance art in this
country and abroad. The Millennium showcased many of his films and live
performance pieces over a twenty year period. He also used its editing
rooms to work on some of his films, including NORMAL LOVE. Smith died
from complications caused by AIDS in 1989.

Pioneer Theater, 155 E 3rd St:
Aldo Tambellini’s Black Film Series - Saturday, August 23. 4pm. Dir.
Aldo Tambellini. Tambellini's black films embrace the spirit of action
painters like Pollock and Franz Kline, and take the viewer on a
kaleidoscope tour of the 60s, including Coney Island and RFK's
assassination. Showing first will be "Bowl of Cherries," a comedic look
at the Tenth Street art scene and the artists who lived and worked

Nelson Sullivan’s New York: Lower East Side Chronicles 1983-89 - Sunday,
August 24. 4pm. Compiled by Robert Coddington. Nelson Sullivan recorded
over 1500 hours of videotape from 1982-1989. The "Nelson Sullivan's New
York: the Lower East Side Chronicles" is a whirlwind visual tour
highlighting the first 4 Wigstocks(some of the only existing footage of
the events!), rare performances by Ethyl Eichelberger, Lypsinka,
Tabboo!, Wendy Wild and others from the Pyramid nightclub, zany
backstage footage, the denizens of the Lower East Side and much more!

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