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Hi, Jean Penn,

Bullfrog Films offers a title featuring a young woman, Rosie, who is a young
mother in Jamaica, but wants to further her education. It's called "The
Story of Rosie" from the series "Turning Sixteen." Might be helpful for
your patron at the library.

There's also a title "God Among the Children" that documents the work of The
Boston Ten Point Coalition to mobilize the community around issues affecting
African-American and Latino youth--especially those at risk from violence,
drug abuse and other destructive behavior. Not specifically African
American girls only, but it may shed some light on the issues in the
community. Education is the goal, as the members of the Coalition aim to
"walk the walk and talk the talk" with alienated and disaffected young

If you would like to preview these two for purchase evaluation, contact me.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films

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Hi. You were all so wonderful about my collection development question,
that I am thinking you might not mind helping me again.

I have a patron who wants to find a short video (feature or documentary) for
African American girls, 12-20, that stresses the importance of education.
She found "Dreams of Flying" for her Hispanic audience, and wants something
very similar for her African American girls.

Anybody have any brainy ideas?

Thanks a million,

Jean Penn
Pasadena Public Library
285 E. Walnut Ave.
Pasadena, Ca 91101

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