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My husband bought a JVC 32 inch screen TV and a JVC VCR/DVD combo player for
us at Christmas. As it turned out, the TV and the player were NOT
compatible. The VCR and DVD components (as far as I can tell) required
separate connectivity to the TV. The TV could accept the DVD portion, but
not the VCR. There was no place to hook up the video from the VCR so while
the TV had sound, it had no picture when playing VHS tapes. The only way I
found to play VHS was to hook up our OLD player to the front end inputs.

I sent my husband to Radioshack to get a coaxial cable to see if that would
work. He brought back gold A/V cable because the clerk at the store told
him that co-ax cable is hardly used anymore.

So....the moral of the story is: 1) make sure the monitor and BOTH
components of the player are compatible, and 2) go to the store yourself....

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Hello Videolibbers:

We are investigating players for our library, and have a few questions.

Does anyone have experience with combo VCR/DVD players? We want to know if
a video or a dvd gets jammed in it, does the other function still work? Or
if one breaks down, do they both break down?

Is it better to buy single use players to connect to a monitor?
If you mix brands of players and monitors, what kinds of issues arise about
connecting them together?

What are the issues that arise when you allow patrons access to the players?
Do you have to nail down the remotes? Do instructions on use? Use some
kind of information/instruction sheet?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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