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Film and Philosophy

Gordon Simmons is best known around the state as being an expert on WV
literature. He is also a roaming philosophy teacher. This fall he will
be teaching a course on my fav branch of philosophy – philosophy of
science. He will teach the course in Ashland for their community
college. He plans on starting off with the most influential person in
the field – Karl Popper, and then present the ideas of two other giants
– Thomas Kuhn, author of “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and
the anarchist, Paul Feyerabend. One film he will be using comes from
Films for the Humanities and Sciences – “Logical Positivism and Its
Legacy.” This film is an interview with Oxford philosopher A.J. Ayer who
brought the ideas of the Vienna Circle to the English-speaking world. (I
studied with the first member of the group to immigrate to America,
Herbert Feigl, who also was the last living member of the group.) There
are institutes now named after Popper and the Vienna Circle because of
their great influence on philosophy in general. Soon Films for the
Humanities and Sciences will be releasing an updated series of films on
philosophy under the direction of Colin McGinn, a best-selling
philosopher who left Oxford for Rutgers several years ago. I am hoping
to have the world premiere of the first film in the series at the
Pocahontas County Free Libraries headquarters in Marlinton sometime this
fall. Stay tuned for future info. If you are interested in taking
Gordon’s class, contact him at:

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