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I was under the impression that XP's "compatability mode" allowed many
older programs to run, sometimes better than with 98/ME?

(I don't use XP myself yet, as I've managed to wrestle ME into
submission LOL)

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Not quite video, but still av. I have run into a problem with our CD-ROM
order this year. With the new computers coming out for Windows XP, very
programs for Windows 95 or 98 will run on these computers. The company
order from, Crimson Multimedia, suggested that I send them a list of
I want, and they will check to see if any of these titles from their
catalog come in a XP version. I was wondering if anyone had a source,
a print catalog, that sells software, without going through all the
I have a sneaky feeling that most of what I want is not yet issued on
If it was, it would have been updated before now. Thanks in advance.

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