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SteveĂs CORE list of videos


75 M. Disney
A dazzling bled of fantasy, animation and music, create a
kaleidoscope of adventures in this color-splashed Disney
classic, based on Lewis Carroll's immortal story. On a golden
afternoon, young Alice follows a White rabbit, who disappears down a
nearby rabbit hole. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the burrow -
and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland! Memorable songs
and whimsical escapades highlight Alice's journey, which culminates in a
madcap encounter with the Queen of Hearts-and here army of playing

92 M. 1995 Universal Rated-G (CC)
ŠThis is the story of an unprejudiced heart and how it
changed our valley forever.÷ So begins BABE, a movie
with a barnyard full of unforgettable characters. ThereĂs
Fly, the sheepdog; Ferdinand, the quacky duck; Maa, the
elderly ewe; and a trio of singing mice. In the world of
HoggettĂs farm, every creature has a preordained
purpose until the orphaned piglet BABE arrives and turns
everything upside down. Cared for by Fly, he soon thinks
he, too, is a dog. Farmer Hoggertt senses something
special in BABE and, though everyone thinks heĂs crazy,
enters him in the National Sheepdog Championships.
Just when the world is laughing loudest, the tall farmer
and the short pig step into the area to compete, and
everyone is in for a giant surprise.

32 M. 1982 Grades: Intermediate-Adult
One of America's greatest leaders grew up in Malden,
WV. An ex-slave, author, and educator, he firmly
believed that education was the only way for black
Americans to rise. He became the most influential
educational and political leader of the late 19th & 20th

26 M. 1995 AMK Prod. (CC)
Dedicated to the memory of Stephanie Leigh Scofield,
July 22, 1977 - September 17, 1993. This is a documented
account of a real-life drinking and driving tragedy.

28 M. 1993 Bullfrog Grades: 5-Adult
A compilation of short, fresh animated films about environmental
issues. Under the sponsorship of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the
UK, animators and musicians - some student, some professional - combine
talents to prompt laughter, anger, indignation and action for an
ecologically sound future. Collection includes: HANDLE WITH CARE -
3:25 M. - Cheerful and long-suffering each fights back as modern
civilization erupts. ISLANDS IN THE SKY - 2:45 M. - An intergalactic
tour, lively music and strange creatures, like us, tackling survival.
CHECKOUT CHICK - 1:30 M. - As we go through the checkout line at the
supermarket, what is the real cost of our purchases? HOBBY - 1 M. -
Computer-animated captain of industry criss-crosses the world to find
the perfect fishing hole, but whatĂs the catch? FRED AND THE APPLE
WORLD - 2:30 M. - Hungry? Fred just doesnĂt know when to stop. THE
SOLUTION - 45 Seconds - A stark proposal for solving the worldĂs
problems. EXHIBIT A - 2 M. - A futuristic trip to the museum. . .
ENLIGHTENMENT - 3 M. - A woodpecker peck some sense into the humans
destroying the forest. EQUILIBRIUM - 3:50 M. - Tipping the scales . .
WhatĂs the right balance? BALANCE AND HARMONY - 2:20 M. - Simple
strokes paint a bright future.
THE ESCAPE - 3:12 M. - A couch potato escapes to the real world. . . or
does he?

79 M. 1996 Disney Rated-PG (CC)
A wildly imaginative tale about a little boy who journeys to a wondrous
city ˘where dreams come true.÷ When James spills a pouch of magic
crocodile tongues in his yard, a giant peach grows as huge as a house.
Climbing inside, James is instantly transported into an enchanted world
filled with human-like insects, a peach-eating shark and underwater
pirates. A thrilling and magical odyssey soaring with amazing animation
and original music.

30 M. 1987 Direct Cinema
In the early part of the 20th century, a shepherd sows seeds and
acorns, one by one, with the greatest care, transforming both landscape
and lives. AWARDS: 1987 Academy Award, Best Animated Film!

75 M. 1997 Miramax Rated-G (CC)
Captures the fun and adventure of a spectacular hidden universe revealed
in a breathtaking, close-up view unlike anything youĂve ever seen!
Marvel at a pair of stag beetles dueling like the titans amid the
thunderous clashing of their horns. See a magnificent army of worker
ants race to stock their larder. . . while trying to avoid becoming a
feisty pheasantĂs dinner. Witness an amazing transformation from
caterpillar to butterfly, the remarkable birth of a mosquito, and
several otherßminute miracles of life. MICROCOSMOS leaves no doubt that
˘Mother Nature remains the greatest special effects wizard of all.÷

81 M. 1995 Disney Rated-G (CC)
Along VirginiaĂs Irish tidewaters, Pocahontas, the free-spirited young
daughter of Chief Powhatan, wonders what adventures await ˘just around
the riverbend.÷ In sails the gold-loving Governor Ratcliffe, with his
pampered pug Percy and a shipful of English setters - led by the
courageous John Smith. Meet Meeko, a mischievous raccoon, and Flit, a
feisty hummingbird, playful pals of Pocahontas. Pocahontas relies on
the lively wisdom of Grandmother Willow. A chance meeting with Captain
Smith leads to a friendship that will change history, as the Native
Americans and English settlers learn to live side by side. Featuring a
#1 soundtrack!

93 M. 1997 Rated-PG (CC)
>From the Newbery Award-winning book. Shiloh, an adorable beagle, runs
away from his neglectful owner, and is found by a young boy named Marty
(Blake Heron). Marty knows that Shiloh belongs to someone else, but is
determined to save the dog from more neglect. Against the wishes of the
dogĂs owner (Scott Wilson) and his father (Michael Moriarty), Marty
risks everything to make the dog his own.

9 M. Lucerne Grades: Primary-Intermediate
Academy-Award winning animator Co Hoedeman (The Sand Castle) brings an
important message to young viewers. Using hand-made paper cutouts that
convey animal movements with amazing realism, the film teaches children
abut the harmful effects of alcohol and hallucinogenic substances. A
polar bear roaming through a snowy landscape discovers an old gas can
sniffs it and is intoxicated by the fumes. Thanks to his friends, the
seal and the owl, the bear learns that he must not tamper with such
dangerous substances. The animal images will captivate children, and
the lesson is simple and memorable.

30 M. 1992 Cambridge
Why do we have to learn this? When will I ever use this information
once I get out of school? When students acquire the ability to answer
these questions for themselves, they develop an improved understanding
of their subjects along with the ability to identify and retain
pertinent information. Note: Includes the book, " Getting Smarter -
The Study Skills Improvement Program" by Lawrence J. Greene and Leigh

30 M 1992 Cambridge
Sixty percent of current tobacco users begin by age 14 and ninety
percent by the age of 18. Why are these teenagers deliberately
beginning a habit that will sooner or later take
their lives? Hard-hitting, graphic footage and startling interviews
with people stricken with tobacco- related illnesses are contrasted with
teen interviews demonstrating their attitudes of self-deception. This
video graphically exposes the higher occurrences of lung cancer,
emphysema, heart disease and vascular disease directly attributed to
long- term tobacco
use. The program contains explicit operating room scenes of portions of
a cancerous lung being removed. It is guaranteed to stir the emotions
of individuals who refuse to heed the warnings of medical professionals
and continue to advertise tobacco related products. Contains
significant overlapping footage from the video The Truth About Tobacco.
A high-quality production that presents a compelling anti- smoking plea.
- Video Rating Guide. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: 1994 International Health &
Medical Film Festival, Finalist; March 1993 School Library Journal; Fall
1992 Video Rating Guide.

81 M. 1996 Disney Rated-G (CC)
The first full-length feature film animated entirely on computers. As
six-year-old AndyĂs favorite toy Woody (Tom Hanks), a take-charge,
pull-string cowboy, was confident in his role as room leader. But after
AndyĂs birthday party, newcomer Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a flashy
space ranger sporting laser action and pop-out wings, crash-lands into
WoodyĂs world. Buzz instantly wins the admiration of AndyĂs other
toys, igniting a rivalry that lands the duo inside the home of Sid - the
toy-torturing boy next door. To escape SidĂs evil plans, Woody and Buzz
must work together and realize theyĂve got the perfect friend. . . in
each other!

27 M. 1994 Grades: 7-Adult Across Borders
The jobs vs. environment conflict is often presented as a black and
white problem. The theory states that to save valuable jobs a certain
amount of environmental degradation must occur. What happens when that
degradation threatens not only the environment but other jobs? This
film shows the true complexity of the issue. Uncertainty looms over the
quality of local water supplies as paper and pulp mills dump the
effluent from their bleach processing into waterways. Concerned
citizens protest the dumping, but they are up against the largest
employer in the area. Plant owners claim that making the necessary
changes would eliminate well-paying jobs. But the paper mills are not
the only local business. The film includes a challenge to viewers to
consider the power they have in purchasing only recycled and
bleach-free paper products. If the demand for environmentally friendly
products is high, then the mills will have to change their practices to

30 M. 1003 BBC (CC)
Wallace and Gromit, the worldĂs most engaging human-canine combo, are in
for the adventure of a lifetime when the mysterious Penguin rents a room
in their house. Wallace is perfecting his latest invention:
techno-trousers - mechanical pants that can walk and even climb walls by
themselves. But the plotting penguin sees a tailor - made criminal
opportunity, and plans to press the pants - and Wallace - into a
dastardly diamond heist. Now only Gromit can save him from the
felonious fish-eaterĂs scheme!

25 M. 1996 PBS
Narrated by Chris Sarandon. Tells of famous people from West Virginia.
Produced by Bill Drennen.


Time varies Churchill Audience: Children
The Caldecott Medal is a highly prestigious award
presented each by the American Library Association ˘to
the artist of the most distinguished American picture book
for children÷ published in the United States. Caldecott
Honor Books are those designated each year as runner-
ups. Each volume includes both Caldecott Medal and
Honor Books. Series includes:
- Where The Wild Things Are (1964 Medal Book, Grades:
K-2) is an 8 minute, animated classic about a little boy
named Max who misbehaves and is sent to his room by
his mother, without supper. While Max is alone in his
room, his imagination takes him far, far away to a land
where wild things live. Stone Soup (1948 Honor Book,
Grades: K-3) This 11 minute, iconographic story consists
of three clever soldiers who devise a plan to get food and
lodging from the selfish inhabitants of a French village
during the time of Napoleon. The Amazing Bone (1977
Honor Book, Grades: K-3) is an 11 minute, animated
story about a female pig named Pearl who dawdles on
her way from school in order to appreciate the beauty of
the day. Time of Wonder (1958 Honor Book, Grades: 1-
5) This 13 minute, iconographic story is less like a story
than a series of poetic expressions. All that children and
grown-ups love about the sea, the shore, and the quiet
forests of an island in Maine is joyously described in
simple rhythmic prose and radiant watercolors. Goggles
(1970 Honor Book, Grades: K-2). This 6 minute,
iconographic story tells of the friendship between two
boys, Peter and Archie. Peter and Archie call upon PeterĂs
faithful dog Willie to outsmart a gang of tough bullies.
- Owl Moon (1988 Medal Book, Grades: K-3) This 8
minute, icongraphic story tells the story of a little girl and
her father, who go looking for the Great Horned Owl on
a moon-lit winter night. Make Way For Ducklings (1942
Medal Book, Grades: K-2) This 11 minute, iconographic
story about a family of ducks looking for a home in the
city of Boston. After some pretty close calls, Mr. and Mrs.
Mallard Duck leads their brood to the perfect spot in
BostonĂs Public Garden. In the Night Kitchen (1971
Honor BookGrades: K-1) 6 minute, animated story
about a little boy, named Mickey, who dreams that he
falls out of his bed in the middle of the night and finds
himself in a magical place called the night kitchen.
Strega Nonna (1976 Honor Book, Grades: K-2) 9 minute,
animated story takes place in an Italian village and
focuses on the magic ways of Strega Nonna, or Grandma
Witch. When the people of the village have a problem
they visit Strega Nonna, who has special powers. When
Big Anthony uses Strega NonnaĂs magic pasta pot
without her permission he finds himself ankle deep in
trouble and pasta. ; Crow Boy (1956 Honor Book,
Grades: K-3) 13 minute, iconographic story takes place in
Japan, where a boy nicknamed Chibi is afraid of the
teacher and children poke fun at his strangeness. Chibi
gains acceptance when he imitates the voices of crows for
the school talent show.
M. - MadelineĂs Rescue (1954 Medal Book); The Snowy
Day (1963 Medal Book); Blueberries For Sal (1949 Honor
Book); Drummer Hoff (1968 Medal Book); Andy the Lion
(1939 Honor Book); Frog Went A-CourtinĂ (1956 Medal
Story-A Story (1971 Medal Book, Grades: K-3) This 10
minute, animated story of how African stories, called
˘Spider Stories÷ came to be. Spider Stories are stories
about how small, defenseless men and animals come to
be heroes. The Village of Round and Square Houses
(1987 Honor Book, Grades: 3-5) This 12 minute,
iconographic story is set in a village in Africa. The houses
of the African village are of two shapes, square and
round. The square houses shelter the men of the village.
The round houses shelter the women and children. As the
story unfolds, the routines of the villagers, including
work, play, mealtime and bedtime, are explored. Why
Mosquitoes Buzz In PeopleĂs Ears (1976 Medal Book,
Grades: K-3) This 10 minute, animated story of a
mosquito who whispers a tall tale into the ear of an
iguana. This sets off a comic chain of mishaps through
the jungle grapevine in this traditional African story.
Narrated by James Earl Jones. MufaroĂs Beautiful
Daughters (1988 Honor Book, Grades: K-3) A 14-
minute, iconographic story set in a small African village
where a man named Mufaro and his two beautiful
daughters live. The daughters are tested unknowingly to
reveal which one is worthy enough to marry the king.

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. This
presentation traces the creation of new styles and roles for art through
the lives and work of various masters including Donatello, Brunelleschi,
Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titan and Caravaggio. Through
dramatic readings, historical re-enactment, interviews with historians
and contemporary artists, and documentary footage of places, writings
and art work, this presentation weaves a fascinating portrait of
Renaissance artists and their influence on modern views about beauty,
the creative process, and the contribution of art in society.

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. In
this presentation, viewers follow the authority of the Church, Hus and
Luther sparked a revolution that would transform their world - and
forever change social, political, and spiritual thought. This unique
presentation combines interviews with contemporary equivalents of the
Renaissance dissenter, historical re-enactments, dramatic reading and
documentary footage of places, writings and art work to demonstrate how
the figure of the dissenter has remained at the center of historical

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. This
unique study of the political world which produced and read
MachiaveliiĂs book, The Prince, examines the policies of European rulers
during the Renaissance - The Medici Family in Italy, King Philip II in
Spain and Queen Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell in England. In
distinctive ways each of these leaders struck a balance between
maintaining order and winning popular acceptance during an age when
traditional ideas about power and politics were rapidly redefined.
Through dramatic readings, historical re-enactments, interviews with
historians and politicians, and documentary footage of places, writings
and art work, this presentation offers an in-depth look at how
MachiaveliiĂs provocative observations on leadership echoed loudly
throughout Renaissance Europe - and continue to resound today.

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. This
presentation examines the lives and often controversial work of various
scientists including Paracelsus, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Descartes,
Pascal and Newton. A unique combination of dramatic readings,
historical re-enactments, interviews with historians and modern day
scientists, and documentary footage of places, writings and art work
demonstrates how a revolution in the understanding of nature brought
about the rise of modern science.

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. This
presentation begins with the brutal history of the medieval knight. It
then traces the effects of gunpowder in bringing about more cruel,
larger scale and destructive wars. As survival became more important
than honor, a dark shadow was cast on the warriorĂs noble image. And
leading intellectuals and artists like Erasmus and Rubens began to use
their work as a means to protest war. Here are dramatic readings,
historical re-enactments, interviews with historians and contemporary
warriors, and documentary footage of places, writings and art work
offering a unique look at how the Renaissance forever changed the way we
see war and warriors.

55 M. Barr
Based on the work of Dr. Theodore K. Rabb, Princeton University. We
trace the historical period from the early ideas of pioneers such as
Petrarch and Jan Hus, who sparked new ways of thinking, to innovators
like Brunelleschi and Machiavelli, to the artistic, scientific and
political revolutions of the high Renaissance, to the years when Europe
finally accepted a vision of a world that was changed forever.
Presented in a unique format that combines dramatic readings, historical
re-enactments and documentary footages of places, writings and art work,
this lively video captures the events, characters, spirit and legacy of
a defining period in world history.

Celebration of Birds with Roger Tory Peterson - 54 M. 1992 Bullfrog-
Meet America's most famous bird watcher, Roger Tory Peterson, in this
personal visit with the world renowned artist and naturalist. From the
heron rookeries in Florida to the puffin colonies in Maine, and at
several of Peterson's favorite spots in between, we a myriad of
beautiful birds. Along the way, the enthusiastic Peterson reflects on
the importance of developing an interest in the natural world. Filled
with wit and wisdom, here's your chance to bird watch with the master!
AWARDS/SCREENINGS: 1993 National Educational Film & Video Festival,
Silver Apple, EnvĂ 1 Portraits, J-SH -- 1993 American Film & Video
Festival, Red Bibbon, Lifestyles-Individuals.

Chaos, the New Science - 52 M. 1990 New Dimension - A fascinating
overview on the new science and mathematics area that covers phenomena
in many fields. Where classical science ends, chaos begins. Based on
the book by James Glieck. There is little doubt that the science of
Chaos has become of major importance in the Post-Newtonian world, along
with the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Childproofing Your Home - Cambridge Educational

Coal MinerĂs Daughter - 124 M. 1980 - Sissy Spacek gives an
extraordinary performance as Loretta Lynn in a drama that reveals the
life of the Queen of Country Music. Tommy Lee Jones is Loretta's
ambitious husband Mooney who takes Loretta away from her backwoods
Appalachian home. Badgered into making a record and going to Nashville,
she gets a chance at the Grand Ole Opry that launches her career into
super-stardom. Oscar winner.

Dental Care for Kids-CambridgeDental Care for Kids - 20 M. 1994
Cambridge - Dental Care For Kids is an adult's guide to children's
teeth; how they develop, the care they need, and the diseases that can
spoil a child's mouth. This valuable video takes parents and caregivers
through each step of a child's development. It gives useful information
about proper dental care from the prenatal period through the
development of primary teeth until permanent teeth come in. This
program covers proper eating habits, brushing and flossing techniques,
and when to visit your dentist. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: October 1994
Booklist; Nov/Dec. 1994 Video Librarian; April 1996 Library Journal.

Doll Maker-140 M. 1987 Playhouse - Jane Fonda scored a resounding
critical triumph and won an Emmy for her stirring portrayal of an
impoverished farm woman in this powerful drama set in the 1940's.
Turning in a mesmerizing performance, Fonda is Gertie Nevels, a mother
of five who lives in Kentucky. Except her family, Gertie's only
happiness is her hobby: sculpting dolls out of wood. When her husband
Levon Helm finds her work in Detroit, she dutifully packs up her
children and moves to the city, where they're virtually overwhelmed by
an incredibly difficult adjustment. As one setback follows another and
shattering tragedy strikes, Gertie must reach inside herself for new
strength, courage and determination to keep her family of falling
apart. Nominated for a total of six Emmies, this deeply moving story of
one woman's struggle to remain unbroken is an inspiring salute to the
human spirit that will charm and captivate your entire family.

For All Mankind- 87 M. 1989 VHS/16MM Circle - This is the ONLY film
made using the actual film footage photographed by the 24 Apollo Project
astronauts 1968-1972 as they achieved mankind's most ambitious goal.
Nominated for an Oscar, several filmmakers spent years laboriously
editing the millions of feet of space footage - and added the perfect
soundtrack by Brian Eno and David Lanois. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Oscar
nominee for ˘best documentary feature÷.

Harlan County,USA - 103 M. 1976 VHS/16MM Rated-PG
Academy Award-winning documentary shows the year-long strike by 180 coal
mining families to win a standard United Mine Workers contract from the
owners of Brookside mine in Kentucky. Provides insights into the lives
of the miners and their families. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Selected to The
National Film Registry, Library of Congress, 1989-195.

Harriet Simpson Arnow - 35 M. 1988 Appalshop VHS/16MM
This film is an intimate portrait of the Kentucky-born author of The
Dollmaker and other novels. This program provides an engaging look at
Mrs. Arnow's life and work. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Athens International
Film Festival -- National Educational Film & Video-Finalist.

How A Bill Becomes A Law: The Legislative Process - 30 M. 1993
Cambridge - This thought-provoking video deciphers the legislative
process by explaining how an idea becomes a bill and how a bill is made
a law. Taking a look at both the state and national legislatures, this
important program opens viewers' minds to the vital role the legislative
process plays in our lives and how individuals and groups can have a
voice in shaping the laws that govern our country. AWARDS/SCREENINGS:
Sept/Oct. 1994 Book Report; May 1994 School Library Journal; July/Aug.
1994 Video Rating Guide; Jan/Feb. 1995 Emergency Librarian

Hunt For Home Hazards-15 M. 1993 NFPA - Three youngsters learn about
fire safety by playing the Firewatch video game. . . and then put their
know-how into action in a real situation. As kids learn what fire
hazards to look for, one point becomes clear; when you're playing with
fire, you're playing with danger! They'll see how smoke detectors and
escape plans can keep their families fire safety.

I DroppedOut - 60 M. 1989 Cambridge - Young adults have enough
problems without having to face the world with an inadequate education.
This two-part video program uses in-depth documentary and narrative
techniques to focus on the drop-out dilemma affecting many teenagers
today. Part 1: BUT I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS! illustrates
the difficulties encountered by not completing an education and offers
solutions aimed at preventing the problem. Part II: BUT IT'S NEVER TOO
LATE TO STEP BACK IN! emphasize the importance of staying in school and
discusses methods and alternatives for young adults wishing to complete
their education. Each part is a 30-minute video that can be checked-out
separately. Produced in WV. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: NCFR 23rd Annual Media
Awards Comp., Honorable Mention; Dec. 1989 Video Librarian; Spring 1991
Journal of Appalachian Rehabilitation Council; Winter 1991 Video Rating

Last of the Mohicans - 72 M. 1920 B&W with Color tints VHS/16MM
Milestone - Adapted from the 1826 historical romance novel by James
Fenimore Cooper. Starring Wallace Beery, Barbara Bedford, Albert Rosco,
Harry Lorraine, and Theodore Lerch. The action is fast gripping, and
often bloody, evoking the harshness and turbulence of frontier
life. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Selected to The National Film Registry, The
Library of Congress, 1090-1995.

Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day-Lewis) - 114 M. 1992 (CC) - Based
on the American literary classic by James Fenimore Cooper, an epic
adventure and passionate romance unfold against the panorama of a
frontier wilderness ravaged by war. Academy Award Daniel Day-Lewis (My
Left Foot) stars as Hawkeye, rugged frontiersman and adopted son of the
Mohicans, and Madeleine Stowe is Cora Munro, aristocratic daughter of a
British Colonel. Their love, tested by fate, blazes amidst a brutal
conflict between the British, the French and Native American allies that
engulfs the majestic mountains and cathedral-like forests of Colonial

Matewan- 100 M. 1986 Cinecom Rated-PG-13 VHS/16MM
Compelling and compassionate drama about labor troubles in the heart of
coal mining country, Matewan, West Virginia in the 1920Ăs. As unusual,
writer-director John Sayles makes every note ring true of this
meticulous period piece Beautifully photographed and filmed from
Thurmond, WV. Stars: James Earl Jones, John Sayles, Chris Cooper, Will
Oldham, Mary McDonnell and many local stand-ins.

Night of the Hunter-91 M. 1955 B/W VHS/16MM - Based on the novel by
Davis Grubb. Filmed in Moundsville, West Virginia. A psychopathic
preacher goes on the trail of hidden money, the secret of which is held
by two children. A weird, maniac fantasy in which evil confronts the
power of innocence. Stars: Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian
Gish. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Selected to The National Film Registry, The
Library of Congress, 1989-1995.

Ouchless House Your Baby Safe Home - 45 M. 1992 Cambridge -
Feature CNN Anchor, Toria Tolley, as the host and takes you from the car
to the kitchen, up the stairs, into the nursery and bathroom seeing each
area from a baby's curious and unsuspecting point of view. With this
video, viewers learn to create a baby safe home, avoid unnecessary
injuries and be prepared for quick action if any should occur. This
45-minute videocassette is accompanying by the book The Perfectly Safe
Home. A valuable resource for new parents and child-care oroviders.
AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Nov/Dec. 1992 Book Report; Fall 1992 Video Rating
Guide; Dec. 1992 School Library Journal.

Plow that Broke the Plains- 25 M. 1936 National Audiovisual Center
B/W VHS/16MM -- Videotape of the film by Pare Lorenz that lead to the
American documentary film. Presents the social and economic history of
the Great Plains from their settlement through World War I to drought
and Depression.

River,The-Pare Lorentz
River,The - 32 M. 1937 National Audiovisual Center VHS/16MM --
Documentary about the exploitation and misuse of one of our greatest
natural resources covering the period from the Civil War to the
disastrous floods of the 1930's. Directed by West Virginia's own native
son, Pare Lorentz. AWARDS/SCREENINGS: Selected to The National Film
Registry, Library of Congress, 1989-1995.

20 M. 1992 NFPA Grades: 6-Adult
The compelling story of a fire safety campaign driven a fire fighter who
brings a lifeless child out of a burning house. To prevent tragedy from
striking again the fire fighter and his colleagues work to teach the
simple precautions that can save lives in case of fire: Install smoke
detectors,maintain smoke detectors; have and practice an escape plan.
Excellent for school and community presentation.


2 Tapes 1996 Lifetapes Communications
Contents: How To Use Aging Parents -When Crisis Hits-
Getting Organized; Care-Giving From A Distance; Family
Dynamics; Housing Alternatives and Support Services; Medical and Health
Issues; Legal Issues-Protecting Your ParentĂs Wishes and Assets; The
Business Side of Care-Giving-Finance and Insurance; Government
Programs; Death and Dying.

Time varies 1995 WNPB-TV
Three video documentaries and discussion guide exploring life in West
Virginia. Includes: PROGRAM ONE MOUNTAINEER - 59 M. - What is the
difference between a hillbilly and a mountaineer? A unique film done
with collages of movie clips starting with TOLĂ ABLE DAVID (1921) and
coming up to the present to show how the hillbilly and West Virginia has
been portrayed throughout history. Interviews with historians, artists,
professionals, the elderly, the
young people of today, and just common folk tell what it means to them
to be a Mountaineer. Covers areas that are desolate today but still
people remain. Excellent music of yesteryear and of todayĂs sound.
Shows that generation after generation, they still hold to their roots -
even though the sound may change, the feelings remain the same. PROGRAM
TWO-FARMER -59 M. - Interviews five farmers who remember what the family
farm was like in West Virginia in the 20Ăs and 30Ăs. They each tell how
a family-intensive farm activity was done, and they describe interesting
aspect of their
families. Featured are Titus Harris of Princeton, Mercer County, Kline
Henry of Sugar Grove, Monongalia County, Leona Swisher of New Milton,
Doddridge County, Mary Thomas of Bruceton Mills, Preston County, Claude
Winters of Eglton, Preston County and Ralph Kerns of Monongalia County.
PROGRAM THREE - GILIGANĂS APPALACHIA - 29 M. - Uses both humorous and
documentary approaches to look at our way of life in West Virginia.
Through rapidly crosscut stories and opinions of several individuals
with fantasy and comedy stories, Giligan attempts to echo the ˘crazy
quilt÷ of experiences that come to mind when describing our state.

Time Varies 1995 WNPB-TV
This portrait documents historical events from the stateĂs first
inhabitants to the present day and follows the contributions of the men
and women who shaped the stateĂs cultural, economic, and political
landscapes. Using paintings, still photographs and motion picture
clips, the series helps students explore what it means to be a West
Virginian. Narrated by Richard Thomas. Includes a TeacherĂs Guide
and Index Guide. Series include:
PART I: A HIDDEN LAND - 73 M. - Opens with the Shawnee Indians who have
lived undiscovered for centuries along the Ohio River. We watch as
their lives are slowly changed by the arrival of white settlers into the
Shenandoah and Potomac valleys. As British settlements grow, the French
also in forces to claim land. The result is bitter warfare that engulfs
the area of decades, resulting in the IndiansĂ departure from their
land. Along the way, we meet such figures as Celoron de Blainville,
George Washington, Andrew Lewis, Mary Ingles, Lord Dunmore, Chief Logan,
Chief Cornstalk, and Betty Zane.
PART II: STATE OF WAR (Late 1700s-1865) - 73 M. - Begins in the late
1700s and takes us through the Civil War. Covering the growth of
religion, industry, and transportation routes during the post-war years,
this section explores the regional culture of western Virginia. It
concludes with the divisive war and the subsequent birth of the new
state of West Virginia. Key people in Part II, include circuit rider
Francis Asbury, Alexander Campbell, writers David Hunter and Strother
and Rebecca Harding, John Brown, General ˘Stonewall÷ Jackson, Senators
Waltman Wiley and John S. Carlile, Anna Jarvis and President Lincoln.
PART III: WEST VIRGINIA (1865-1913) - 120 M. - Covers West Virginia
from he end of the Civil War to the beginning of unionization and the
coal wars in 1913. It tells of the internal migration of blacks to the
state and the missionary zeal of those determined to help hem; of the
infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud; and of the Industrial Revolution. The
Railroad sweeps through the state, bringing immigrant workers in and
taking natural resources and money out. By the turn of the century, coal
is king and miners are left fighting for a degree of freedom and
independence. During the dynamic period in West VirginiaĂs history, we
meet such personalities as educators Nathan Cook Brackett and Sarah Jane
Foster, railroad and business tycoons Henry Gassaway Davis and Collis
Potter Huntington, the legendary Hatfields and McCoys, independent mine
operator John Cooper, and union organizers Frank Kenney, Fred Mooney and
Mother Jones.
PART IV: ALMOST HEAVEN (1913-Present) - 120 M. - Opens on the Matewan
Massacre and the Battle of Blair Mountain. Under the leadership of John
L Lewis, minersĂ unions seek growth. However, with the onset of the
Depression, the fall of the post-war coal market, and the mechanization
of the mines, West VirginiaĂs communities and inhabitants suffer great
poverty. We watch as figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt and President
Johnson work to improve the living conditions in Appalachian West
Virginia. Despite hardships, West Virginians emerge as a courageous and
determined people who take great pride in their state. Figures
encountered in this final section of the film include union loyalist Sid
Hatfield, Sheriff Don Chafin, UMWA leader John L. Lewis, social worker
Mary Behner, Eleanor Roosevelt, the talented musicians of ˘ItĂs Wheeling
Steel,÷ John F. Kennedy, Governors William Marland, Wally Baron and
Senator Robert Byrd.

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