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Marilyn Huntley (
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 15:24:50 -0400

Funny you should ask, today of all days. I might actually know something
about this. Just this morning I opened a box of Cheerios that contained a
free CD-ROM game of Monopoly, with the CD showing through a circular cutout
in the front of the box. I was curious, so I dug down in and pulled it out.
In the fine print on the back of the CD wrapper was a warning saying that
one should look carefully at the surface of the disc before inserting it in
a computer. The best I can recall, it said that any scratch or hairline
crack could cause the disc to fly apart in higher-speed drives. It was the
first I'd ever heard of such a thing.
Marilyn Huntley

At 01:20 PM 8/7/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Yesterday, at a system meeting, a library reported having both dvds and
>cd-roms explode in the players and computers. Apparently, it is believed
>that this was caused by hairline cracks in the discs. Why the discs
>explode, who knows. One theory on the cd-roms is that they are older
>programs, being asked to run in newer computers, so the drives operate
>faster. Several staff members saw this happen - on a dvd player, or
>computer, I don't know. Also, it has happened to 2 patrons. This library's
>board has directed their staff to pull all dvds and cd-roms that have
>hairline cracks. My question is - has anyone ever heard of this happening?
>I can't believe that if this is true, someone on this list wouldn't have
>mentioned it. Also, if it is a hairline crack - how can you see it anyway.
>You would practically have to use a magnifying glass on each disc. If the
>crack was any bigger, you would be able to see it, and it wouldn't run
>anyway. Thanks for any info.
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