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I've had a patron come in with a CD-ROM of their own which exploded -
shattered like a glass plate. And I've broken discs myself to see what
happens, and they break in a different manner (shattering /exploding vs.
bending / snapping). We also pull DVD's and CD's that show signs of
cracking, especially around the center hub.

Benjamin D. Sprague
Circulation Supervisor /
Technology Services
Ripon Public Library

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Yesterday, at a system meeting, a library reported having both dvds and
cd-roms explode in the players and computers. Apparently, it is
that this was caused by hairline cracks in the discs. Why the discs
explode, who knows. One theory on the cd-roms is that they are older
programs, being asked to run in newer computers, so the drives operate
faster. Several staff members saw this happen - on a dvd player, or
computer, I don't know. Also, it has happened to 2 patrons. This
board has directed their staff to pull all dvds and cd-roms that have
hairline cracks. My question is - has anyone ever heard of this
I can't believe that if this is true, someone on this list wouldn't have
mentioned it. Also, if it is a hairline crack - how can you see it
You would practically have to use a magnifying glass on each disc. If
crack was any bigger, you would be able to see it, and it wouldn't run
anyway. Thanks for any info.

Becky Tatar
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