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One thing we have started doing is using a permanate marker to blacken
out the parts of the spine label title that would give a shelver the
wrong information. If the title on the spine label is really off we do
make a new label and glue it in. Usually we can be creative with the
black marker and it will work.

We occasionally ignore the title on the cassette and just add a note to
the record about where we found the title information we used - like
"Title from container" or "Disney's Masterpiece in front of title" and
use an added title. We have all our children's and feature films
shelved by the first letter of the title, ignoring the a, an,and the's.

I hope this helps.

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library

>>> 07/31/03 09:41AM >>>
A couple of staff members are complaining about the videos in the
section. We shelve feature films, pbs titles, etc., alphabetically by
title. The original boxes are put in the sleeves of the clamshell
cases we
use. At the top of the spine is the letter of the title's first word.
Disney's Beauty and the Beast would have a "D" at the top, while
would have an "A." Most of the time, this works. However, we run
problems when the spine title and the cover title don't match the title
the computer, since of course the cataloging title is not taken from
spine or cover. This pops up a lot with titles such as 'Barney" vs
"Barney's," and so forth. When these people look for videos - we hear
of heavy, exasperated sighing, and more. I would like to do something,
it is possible that nothing can be done. Other than making new spine
with the absolutely correct title, does anyone have a solution to
After spending almost a year converting our video collection so that
could be shelved on the open shelves, I really hate having to revisit
scenario. Thanks for all your help on this.

On an aside, the security system we used for cds was the Alpha
Our rep is coming today with other samples. Thanks for all your
suggestions, so far. More anon.

Becky Tatar
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