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Just saw an early Jackie Chan film on TV last week. All the characters
who are suppose to be Englishmen are Chinese with round eye make up.
Can't help but wonder if NAATA has these films on their hit list also.
Jack Soo - a Chinese-American played a Vietnamese Colonel in the "Green
Berets", will FOX never show that again for PC reasons or purely
esthetic reasons? Stereotypes? Every Eastern Pacific Rim person I know
- M or F - gets asked at least once a month what kind of martial arts
they know. Where does that stereotype come from? Couldn't possibly be
from images in films . . . . I gotta stop looking for logic . . .
"Search for logic sometimes like looking through key hole with glass eye."

Tatar, Becky wrote:

>After reading the NAATA piece, I realize that some of their concerns are
>valid. However, since most of these films were in black and white, how
>could they tell the actors had been made up in yellowface? Secondly, you
>will never get away from stereotypes in film or literature. Everyone comes
>from their own background and sees everything through a different frame of
>reference. One of the worst stereotypes that is still considered acceptable
>are the portrayals of many Christians - usually shown as narrow minded,
>rigid, and intolerant. Portrayals of Catholics are even worse. What about
>last year's controversy surrounding the show "The Sopranos?" And lets not
>forget the ever popular evil German Nazis, and those superstitious folk in
>Transylvania with their vampires and all. You can go on and on. Changing
>stereotypes does not start with ignoring or forgetting the past, or, pardon
>the expression, another stereotype? - whitewashing it. Education is the
>only way. Just my 2 cents as a German Romanian American Catholic.
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