[Videolib] public domain films

Kimberly Stanton (KStanton@library.unt.edu)
Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:19:30 -0500

I have a question about films in the public domain.
All I know is films made before 1923 (that havent been altered since) or films that were not registered for copywrite are considered public domain. And all of this goes out the window regarding European films because of the GATT treaty.

But I've found a few websites selling public domain films that are listing things like 1950's John Huson/ Humphery Bogart films and tons of other films up to the 1980's. Could it be that all of these films were never registered for copywrite or is there some other clause that allows these films to be public domain?


Kim Stanton
Media Library
University of North Texas

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