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Hi Julie

Well, lamentably, an official, neat-n-tidy core list does not exist
(besides, the concept of "core" varies from library to library). Some
alternative suggestions:

You might take a look at a (now out-dated) list of documentaries put
together by members of this discussion list a few years back:

For documentary/educational videos/DVDs, I'd also strongly recommend
looking at the the various ALA video awards lists:


YALSA Selected Videos/DVDs;


As far as features go! Yow! This is a classic can o' worms. The AFI
List, in a word, sucks. It's a list that's almost universally reviled by
serious cineastes for its shallowness and capriciousness...still, you
wouldn't go horribly wrong scoring many of the items on it. You could use
academy award winners, but, then again...everyone knows about how weird the
Academy is...

Finally: If you can lay your hands on Randy Pitman's lamentably
OP "Video movies : a core collection for libraries," you'd be well-served...


At 04:01 PM 8/5/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>The Head of Acquisitions at my library has asked me to create a core
>collection of "classic" videos that we would always have in our collection
>and replace if any were damaged or missing. He didn't give me any
>guidelines such as how many titles, what time period, etc. So it's up to
>me (and possibly a small committee) to come up with some defined perimeters.
>Any advice from the group? I know the AFI Top 100 list is out there...and
>many others. But defining "classic" seems like a pretty huge task! I'd
>appreciate any input. I'm specifically looking for titles that are
>appropriate for a public library setting.
>Thanks so much!
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