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Hi Julie,

I co-authored a book in 1990 called "Video Movies" compiling an annotated
list of 500 classic American, foreign, and genre films (including cult).
Putting the book into an email isn't practical, but since the book is o.p. I
see no reason why I can't share the list. As of mid-1989 all of these titles
had been released on video, but many notable titles had not yet, so you
won't see "Fantasia," "Harvey," "The Last Picture Show" or "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show," among others. Anyway, here's the link to a previous posting:



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> Hello,
> The Head of Acquisitions at my library has asked me to create a core
> collection of "classic" videos that we would always have in our
> collection and replace if any were damaged or missing. He didn't give
> me any guidelines such as how many titles, what time period, etc. So
> it's up to me (and possibly a small committee) to come up with some
> defined perimeters.
> Any advice from the group? I know the AFI Top 100 list is out
> there...and many others. But defining "classic" seems like a pretty
> huge task! I'd appreciate any input. I'm specifically looking for
> titles that are appropriate for a public library setting.
> Thanks so much!
> Julie
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